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Hurricane Juliette - Sept 2001

Hurricane Juliet Strikes Baja
Hurricane Juliette (Huracán Julieta) struck Baja California Sur on Wednesday, September 26, 2001. Luckily she had greatly weakened from the category 4 monster she had recently been. Los Cabos felt the storm's force a full 24 hours ahead of Todos Santos. Before it ended, 17.7 inches of rain had fallen in Cabo San Lucas in a matter of days. Winds gusts of 125 mph were measured at the marina in Cabo. Arroyos filled with water - bridges and roads washed away. Electricity, water and telephone service were all cut off for days. Many were affected, some seriously, but only 2 lives were lost due to the storm. Over 1700 modest Mexican homes are believed to have been destroyed. Most major resorts escaped without appreciable damage. Todos Santos also escaped any major damage.
Huracan Julieta, Sept 25 - photo courtesy NOAA


Todos Santos is alive and well! Come visit us soon!

For a graphic view of Juilet's path through Baja, click here.
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todos santos - calle militar
Calle Militar from the stoplight in Todos Santos - Sept 28, 2001


pilar's fish taco stand
Pilar's Fish Taco Stand on Calle Militar - Sept 29


Todos Santos Laboratorio on Calle Militar - Sept 28


Callejon - Sept 30
Calle Militar - Sept 29
Gusting Winds - Sept 28

Unlucky Van in an Arroyo
Flooded Backyard - Sept 30


Washing Clothes in Callejon - Sept 30


Swimming in Water from La Presa - Sept 30


La Presa Sta Ines
Flooded Yard In Las Quintas
La Presa Sta. Ines Full of Water


todossantos bomberos
Todos Santos Bomberos Collecting Clothes and Food
for Cabo San Lucas Residents

Todos Santos is located on the Tropic of Cancer in the southern portion of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico just one hour
north of Cabo San Lucas and one hour south of La Paz. Long known as a cultural, artistic and agricultural center, the
town is a desert oasis, 1 kilometer from the Pacific Ocean at the foothills of the Sierra de La Laguna mountains. Since
the mid 1980's, the area has become a tourist / retirement destination and home to numerous art galleries, artists,
fine restaurants, elegant hotels, unique vacation rentals and local festivals.

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