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todos santos surf
Surfing Todos Santos

January: Large numbers of surfers return to Todos Santos and southern Baja as the ocean continues to cool off. Often it will rain once or twice during the month. Nights are cool and days balmy.

February: This is the prime whale-watching month in a normal year. Whales are easily seen from the beaches. The weather approaches perfection and attracts large crowds of tourists. Nights are cooler still.

baja whales
San Ignacio Lagoon ©2001 Joe Cummings
old sugar mill
El Molino Todos Santos

March: Weather remains nearly perfect except for the gusting winds that normally come. Whale watching is still in vogue.

April: A lot like March with perhaps some early fog arrival in the morning or evening and diminishing winds. The last of the whales swim north.

May: Nights still cool off, but the days begin to warm up. Early morning or afternoon fog is not unusual. The ocean is near its coldest. It has been dry for months. Usually there has been no rain since January although a rare sprinkling can happen in the spring. The days are noticeably longer in length.

June: The morning fog is here in force. Nights are still cool. Lots of flowering plants. In a normal year, the stingrays arrive at the nearby sandy bottom beaches. The ocean is still cool but beginning to warm.

todos santos spring
Flowering Bougainvillea

July: The solstice has come and gone and the days are long. The day's buildup of heat usually causes thunderheads to appear in the mountains and could possibly mean rain in Todos Santos or La Paz. The ocean is much warmer and the shore fishing is getting better and better. If the winds blow, days are comfortable and nights cool off. But if the winds stop then the temperatures will rise into the 90s and only cool off to 78-82 at night. The chubascos (tropical storms) start forming with more regularity to the south and the humidity builds up. As the mango fruit ripens and falls to the ground, the flies will appear and not leave until all the fruit has fallen.

todos santos fishing
Fishing at Punta Lobos, Todos Santos

August: It will be hot and it will be humid. Tolerable in the shade but brutal in the hot sun, especially if you have to do physical labor. Be sure to carry water with you wherever you go. Chubascos continue to form and spin to the south, kicking warm moist air up towards Todos Santos. The ocean is warm. Surfers look for swells from the tropical storms to the south. If the insects have been absent until now, they will soon appear. Electricity is sometimes cut off for short periods of time due to rains in the mountains. The dry arroyo beds fill with water from the same rains. The roads to La Paz or Cabo San Lucas may temporarily be blocked by water running across the highway.

rain clouds gathering from La Paz
Clouds Towards La Paz

September: More storms to the south. Some will come close to Baja. The surfers rush to find the waves that these storms bring. It is very hot and humid. Again, tolerable in the shade or in front of a fan, but devastating in the brutal sun, especially if you are exerting yourself. Offshore fishing is great. Dorado (mahi mahi) and tuna are abundant. The ocean is still very warm. Any winds are warm winds. Days are in the 90s and nights in the 80s.

October: Relief is in sight. The town fiesta (Festival del Pilar) occurs the week of October 12th and usually signals the beginning of the end of the summer heat. The winds might pick up and they will bring cooler air as the ocean is past its warmest temperatures, although it is still warm. Temperatures may go down 5 F or so by the end of the month. And the difference is most noticeable.

todos santos festival
Festival del Pilar - Todos Santos

November: Finally, consistent winds arrive and the humidity leaves. The desert is green from the summer rains and everything is growing again. Temperatures drop again. Days are pleasant and nights cool into the 70s. Part time residents begin to return from their journeys to the north. The ocean is getting cooler. The threat of tropical storms is over. Daytime highs are in the mid-80s. The days are getting shorter.

December: Days cool off into the low 80s - no more 90s. Nights actually get very cool. The cooling pacific breezes have returned. As the solstice approaches, the days are shorter and the sun less fearsome. An early arriving whale might be spotted swimming south. As Christmas comes and goes, there could be a rain shower or two, sometimes heavy. The desert is still green and it really does feel like paradise again.

Todos Santos is located on the Tropic of Cancer in the southern portion of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico just one hour
north of Cabo San Lucas and one hour south of La Paz. Long known as a cultural, artistic and agricultural center, the
town is a desert oasis, 1 kilometer from the Pacific Ocean at the foothills of the Sierra de La Laguna mountains. Since
the mid 1980's, the area has become a tourist / retirement destination and home to numerous art galleries, artists,
fine restaurants, elegant hotels, unique vacation rentals and local festivals.

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